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Losses and damages done by theft and/or burglary or any attempt for theft and burglary are insured with THEFT Insurance Policy.  Domestic, trade or industrial coverages are stated seperately.  In case of domestic/ house insurances, belongings of  the households and guests are also covered, unless it is stated otherwise on the policy.

Valuables like money, jewellery, valuable stones, collection items, valuable papers like cheques must be kept under lock in order to be covered by Theft Insurance. 

The following conditions are exempt from regular Theft Policies.

-          Losses and damages done to supplementary buildings due to theft and/or burglary and their attempts.

-          Loss or damage of let items.

-          Isolated buildings (any building left alone for more than 30 days in one year.).

-          Items displayed in glass windows of shops .

-          Loss incurred due to strike, local movements and any military action required upon those movements.

-          Theft by the insured personís relatives in the building.

-          Theft by the employee during working hours.(This is covered by Fidelity insurance)

-          Damages done to window, door or glass due to theft/buglary or their attempts. (Covered by Glass insurance)

-          Fire caused by theft/burglary or their attempts.  (Covered by Fire Insurance)

-          Theft/Burglary done after Earthquake, Flood or Volcanic Erruption.

-          Nucleer Wars

-          Damages that may be caused by local and government authorities.

What must be done if an accident occurs?

The insured/customer must call the police.  In no later than 5 days, the insurance company must be notified. After necessary inspections are done and an expert sees the site, the redemption is paid. See CLAIMS.