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Group and Individual Personal Accident

Accidents are unavoidable and unexpected and may happen to you or your loved ones at any time.  The benefits offered under a Group Personal Accident and/or Individual Personal Accident Policy are fixed benefits.

The basic covers are for:

  • Death

  • Permanent Total Disability

  • Permanent Partial Disability

  • Temporary Disability

  • Medical Expenses

This policy covers the insured for any accident including the following:

        Inhaling dangerous gasses unexpectedly

        Fire burns

        Being poisoned by snakes or poisonous animals

        Death or bodily injuries caused by animals with rabies

If you have different hobbies such as parachuting or any other dangerous air, water or land sports you can buy coverage for such extra activities with a surplus charge.

What does this policy not cover?

-          Earthquake

-          War

-          Strike, civil commotion, riot

-          Murder or murder attempt

-          Nuclear risks

-          Suicide attempt

-          Illegal activities

Drowning in water (if stated on the policy coverage is provided).