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Third Party: This is a mandatory insurance for every vehicle in Cyprus.  It has unlimited liability coverage for third party personal injuries and limited (minimum limit stated by the state) coverage for third party material damages. 

Comprehensive: As the name implies, in addition to Third Party Insurance coverage, it also covers the vehicle itself against crash, fire, theft, towing by unauthorized persons, explosives and flammable elements’ hazards, both in traffic and in parking position. 

‘Inflation coverage’ and ‘no reduction’ can be given for an extra premium.

You may also benefit from discounts if you:

·        Have a garage

·        Are a woman driver

·        Are above 45 years old

·        Have driving license for more than 5 years

·        Had no claims

·        Have a new car

·        Are GKK or Police personnel

Third Party Fire & Theft: In addition to a standard Third Party insurance, Fire & Theft covers your vehicle for fire and theft as well.  This policy does not give coverage for your own vehicle’s damages caused by traffic accidents. 

Collision: A collision policy covers any damage given to the third parties only if the insured vehicle is in motion and collision with a third party. 

Who else can drive my insured car?

People who are eligible to drive and have your permission can drive your car under insurance coverage. 

For professional purposes you need to have the driver’s name stated on the policy. ……..CLAIMS

What happens if I am involved in a traffic accident?…….CLAIMS